What is AcuraWatch™ Plus and Which Acura Models Have It?

AcuraWatch™ Plus is a package of safety technology such as Blind Spot Information, Adapative Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow, and Lane Keeping Assist systems equipped on many Acura vehicles including the RDX, MDX, TLX, RLX, and NSX.

More and more luxury companies are making incredible innovations when it comes to safety and driver assistance features. Leading the way is Acura with its advanced AcuraWatch™ technology. Learn more about what you can expect to find when you drive home to Fairfield in an Acura equipped with this intelligent safety system.

Blind Spot Information System

Trust your Acura to detect vehicles in your blind spot during lane changes with this feature. Your new Acura will alert you to other cars in your surroundings when you're traveling at more than 20-miles-per-hour to keep you safe on the busy highways of Cincinnati and Fairfield OH.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow

Adaptive Cruise Control allows your Acura to automatically adjust its speed to the surrounding traffic. Easily set your desired distance before driving, and your new Acura will adjust the brakes and the throttle to maintain your desired distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Lane Keeping Assist System

If you happen to drift out of your lane on the roads of West Chester, OH, or Cincinnati your new Acura will sound an alert and steer back into your designated lane.

Other Features Available with AcuraWatch™ Plus

AcuraWatch™ Plus also features capabilities such as Traffic Jam Assist, a Surround View Camera, Rear Cross Traffic Monitor, Forward Collision Warnings, a Collision Mitigation System, and a Multi-Angel Rear Camera with Dynamic Guidelines. It should be noted that AcuraWatch™ is not a fully autonomous driving feature and is simply designed to make your Acura safer on the road while assisting with everyday driving duties around Northern Kentucky.

Which Models Have AcuraWatch™?

AcuraWatch™ is currently standard on the new Acura RDX, the new Acura MDX, the new Acura TLX, the new Acura RLX, and the new Acura NSX. It's an optional feature on the new Acura ILX.

If you would like to learn more about AcuraWatch™, visit Superior Acura near Loveland, OH, and Hamilton. We can't wait for you to test drive an Acura equipped with AcuraWatch™ Plus.