Acura once again sponsored the Sundance Film Festival just this past January. Acura had their full lineup of sedans and SUVs on display for festival goers and the public alike. Acura MDX SUVs provided transport for festival VIPs, including celebrities, directors, and jurors.

Also as part of Acura's presence at the festival, and in order to showcase Acura's passion for design and technology, Acura presented the NSX Gallery at the Acura Lounge. Marrying photographer Reuben Wu's NSX-inspired landscapes with the latest in LED technology, the exhibit displayed his vivid imagery one moment, and revealed an NSX supercar on display through a transparent LED panel the next.

The exterior wall of the NSX Gallery featured a mural of one of the many beautiful landscapes captured by Wu for the exhibit. The mural featured cutting-edge augmented reality technology that let the audience digitally travel the course of a single day, from sunrise to sunset.

Against a mountain backdrop, the full Acura model lineup including the Acura NSX supercar, was displayed at the Acura Stage, where guests were treated to live music entertainment, DJs, and refreshments courtesy of official Festival sponsor Stella Artois.

Acura also TheWrap at the Acura Studio, a photo and video studio attracting a steady stream of talent-spotting opportunities that are a perennial favorite activity for film fans in Park City who enjoy the brand's unique public venue.

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