Touchscreens were one of the biggest tech and convenience features introduced to cars in the last decade. They're nearly ubiquitous now on new models, featured not just in your luxury cars, but in your economy cars as well. 

While every manufacturer has its own version of the infotainment center, and various ways to interact and navigate with those systems, Acura is seeking to make the touchscreen model better with a new innovation.

Showcased in the 2019 RDX Prototype, the new user interface is called "True Touchpad." Its main objective is to be more intuitive to use while driving, helping drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road better while still being able to interact with their infotainment system.

Rather than placing the screen further down on the instrument panel, the True Touchpad is placed up at a driver's natural line of sight. This is paired with a touchpad that's located down low near the gear shift. The end result is that you only have to shift your eyes slightly to take in the screen, keeping one eye on the road as you do so, and that you don't have to lean over and move your hand too far from the wheel, which means that you can respond suddenly if you have to return both hands to the wheel.

There might be a slight learning curve for some drivers, but once you get used to how it works, you'll realize how intuitive it is and wonder why it hasn't been the standard for years.

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