Winter is approaching Fairfield, which means that soon you'll have to contend with road salt and the trouble that it can cause for your car. Salt and winter driving go hand-in-hand as road salt is often the go-to remedy for snowy, icy roads. There's no doubt that salt helps with traction, but it can also cause damage to your vehicle if you leave it there, especially to your car's undercarriage.

Here's a quick breakdown of why it's important to take the steps to keep salt off your car this winter:

  • Corrosion: Salt can accelerate the process of rusting on metal surfaces, which can cause damage that could require costly repairs.
  • Paint: While advancements in surface technology help to protect your car's paint job, it doesn't hurt to clean off your vehicle to remove lingering salt. Why tempt fate?
  • Undercarriage: Your car's undercarriage components are the ones that are in the most danger during winter. These components include vital parts like your transmission and your brakes, and they're exposed to the elements as you drive around Cincinnati and northern Kentucky. So, it's important to wash the undercarriage to keep salt from eating away at it.

How to Prevent Salt Damage

Here are a few tips to help you prevent salt damage in the West Chester, OH before it has the chance to create a costly problem:

  1. Wash and wax your car before winter hits
  2. Wash your car after a storm
  3. Pay careful attention to your car's undercarriage when washing your car

If you need assistance with winterizing your vehicle, our service center serving Hamilton and Loveland, OH is here to help. Schedule expert winter service to get ready for what lies ahead and prepare your Acura to take winter head-on!

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