With the recent events of the COVID-19 outbreak reducing in-person meetings and unnecessary travel, you may find it difficult to do seemingly simple things like buying your new car from our dealership near Cincinnati. However, Superior Acura does offer options to help you buy or lease your new Acura from the comfort of your home using our Superior Fast Lane tool.

Car Shopping Online Near West Chester

These days you can buy just about anything online, and finally car sales are catching up with the times. When you visit our dealership website you’ll have the opportunity to browse our full inventory of new and used vehicles until you find the perfect fit. Whether you’re from Fairfield, Hamilton, or Northern Kentucky, you can take advantage of our online car shopping system to finance your next car completely online.


While looking at the details page for a given vehicle, you’ll notice a trio of button on the right that say Value a Trade, Personalize Payments, and Apply for Credit. These are the tools that you’ll use to build your financing deal completely online, and navigating this process is quite simple.

If you’re trading in your current vehicle, start by getting an estimated trade-in value so you’ll know how much you can deduct from the price of the car or SUV you’re looking to buy. From there, you’ll go to personalizing your payments. This is where you’ll decide whether to buy or lease, along with selecting down payment amounts and your term length to get an estimated monthly payment amount. Once you’re happy with that, you’ll apply for credit and we’ll connect you with lenders that can help make your new vehicle dreams a reality. At this point you’ll move from an estimated interest rate to an exact rate as specified by the lender, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

At this point, all you have to do is accept the terms and pay us a visit to finalize the paperwork and swap your old vehicle for a new one from Superior Acura.